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1 Dec

Digital Assets: The Proactive Approach

The technical definition of a digital asset refers to content stored in digital form.  While online text, images, and video do certainly come into play, we have a broader idea.  We urge those organizations and individuals interested in taking The Proactive Approach to seriously consider their entire digital presence...

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14 Nov

The Cyber Effect

The Internet teaches us every day that we live in a universe of information whose most remote corners are instantly accessible.  Videos, twitter feeds, downloadable white papers, pop-up ads, rotating banners, an infinity of emails, snap chats, text messages… but before all of this we had neat packages of...

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11 Nov

How to Make Things Happen in Social Media

This blog is about using social media to make all kinds of things happen, but its focus is on making one primary thing happen — building communities in areas of interest vital to small cap companies. That doesn’t mean you should stop reading if you are not a small...

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9 Nov

The Proactive Approach

In this post and those that follow I intend to articulate “The Proactive Approach” to everything social media, the heart of which is building audience. Technology has put into our hands the powers of instant access and global reach.   If we use them with discipline driven by a dynamic...

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