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Biotech Small Caps and Wall Street’s DNA

1 year ago

Jeff WebsiteAt PCG Advisory, we do work for a wide range of clients.

Our concentration in the biotech sector illustrates how including in the mix the disciplined use of social media reminds us of the original purpose of investing – to help bring to market practical solutions that people need.

Biotech research is all about the object most familiar to us in the universe – the human body – and how it works.  It’s about decoding the mystery of healthy processes and finding ways to deliver these healthy processes to groups of people who do not naturally enjoy them.

I’m not a scientist, but I do recognize biotech as an intense R&D effort designed to bring to market safe, effective products that solve problems, easing suffering.

In order to make this happen, funding is needed, which is achieved through investment.  This restores the direct relationship between investor and outcome, at work historically when investment assumed its original role in the advance of human knowledge and the creation of wealth.

Clearly defined communities of stakeholders, sometimes desperate in the expression of their needs, by their mere presence and numbers offer due diligence for solutions.  The disciplined use of social media prepares these audiences and those listening to them for the investor moment.


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