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Blockchain Technology: What you need to understand

1 month ago

“Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is.”

This line from a track on the Bob Dylan album “Highway 61 Revisited” captures where most members of the investment community find themselves on the question of blockchain technology.shutterstock_495741694

It becomes more important every day for business leaders to understand the meaning of technological developments – especially when a change has the power to change the entire game.

There are strong indications that blockchain can be “a difference that makes a difference” – the catchy phrase applied when a development has the power to introduce a new paradigm with widespread consequences.

One indication is the millions of dollars in investments that continue to increase, despite press that temporarily tarnished the image of cryptocurrencies.  Another is how the banking community is scrambling to embrace the technology and privatize it, largely because of how it threatens to eliminate financial intermediaries.  Another is how governments have banned it while they buy time figuring out how to control it.

There are intricacies to distributed ledgers, provenance, questions of privacy and other aspects of blockchain technology too big to be covered in this small space.  PCG Advisory is an Investor Relations Firm that has always been in the forefront of understanding and applying the transformative nature of social media and other Internet technologies to the navigation of capital markets.




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