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Digital Assets: The Proactive Approach

1 year ago

Jeff WebsiteThe technical definition of a digital asset refers to content stored in digital form.  While online text, images, and video do certainly come into play, we have a broader idea.  We urge those organizations and individuals interested in taking The Proactive Approach to seriously consider their entire digital presence as an asset equal in importance to equipment, inventory, intellectual property, and cash in the bank.

We’re used to the idea that a corporation has the legal status of a person.  To succeed in nearly any pursuit these days, organizations need a “digital persona” – a coherent, proactive presentation of self in the digital world.

This persona is achieved through disciplined action in keeping with a clear strategy.

There are three steps to creating, nurturing, and realizing a digital persona that works:

First, IDENTIFY builds the foundation for a solid social media and web presence.

Second, INFORM builds a targeted audience through strategic marketing.

Third, INSPIRE & INFLUENCE builds trust through thought leadership, audience engagement and stakeholder development.

As the interface to the digital world becomes ever more transparent, success depends on building and valuing digital assets

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