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On Changing the Way We Buy

11 months ago

shutterstock_447198025-convertedIn the news and across trading floors the buzz is all about both high retail performance and revenue falloff at traditional department stores.

Jeff Bezos named his company Amazon because he envisioned it like the great river down which one day everything would flow.  That day got a little closer this holiday season.  In the words of one analyst, “Amazon has won the distribution wars.”

Declines at major retailers like Nordstrom’s Kohl’s, and Macy’s, which announced the closing of 68 stores and layoffs to the tune of 6,200, dramatized the news.

What does any of this have to do with regulatory changes in the investment world?

In his book, “The Mobile Wave” now a classic, written eons ago in 2012, Michael Saylor famously predicted the “dematerialization” of just about everything — from money to entertainment to education to medicine to retail business — through the disruptive influence of software catalyzed by the proliferation of handheld devices.

Reg A+ lifts the curtain on the largest software development in history — the Internet – giving it the chance to play its part in changing how we buy stocks.  It would be wrong to think that the change can be made successfully, except alongside traditional approaches, or that it can somehow be accomplished off the cuff, without applying the disciplined use of social media to build audience in proven, strategic ways.  But it does confirm that a different future is shaping up.


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