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Reg A+, Crowdfunding, and the New World of Investing

1 year ago

screenhunter_634-dec-15-16-03I have always liked the word “confluence” but now I like it even better.

Confluence means the process of merging or coming together, as in the juncture where rivers meet.

There’s no better word to describe what’s finally coming together through social media for investor relations, for small cap companies seeking funds, and investors of all stripes, including anyone in the population who sees a low-cost investment he or she likes and wants
to execute on the spot through a medium as accessible as a Facebook page.

Regulation A+, which makes all of this possible for IPO’s under $50 million, gives official recognition to a power that always been just waiting to happen for those who knew how to use it.  Using it means applying disciplined principles to build audience.

In the new world of investor relations, the stakeholders you have learned how to cultivate become the stockholders who enlist themselves in your venture, by taking action on something as familiar to them as Facebook.

The emergence of crowdfunding is the confluence of potential and reality,  stakeholder and stockholder, strategy and execution.

It’s about time.

All you need to know is how to do it.


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