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Seeing is Believing: the Value of Video

10 months ago

shutterstock_499059334Studies show that posting videos increases engagement by 100%, and that after watching a video, consumers are 85% more likely to make a purchase.

The source for these details is Kara Alaimo’s learned treatise on global public relations, “Pitch, Tweet or Engage on the Street,” which devotes large segments of its pages to social media. But there are many endorsers of the effectiveness of video, including David Murdicho, who Alaimo quotes: “If social media is the rocket then video is the launchpad.”

PCG Advisory’s answer as to many other questions, is to take a hybrid approach. By all means, enlist the power and immediacy of video, even if it is only a message from the CEO to customers or shareholders, but put it in a post that uses a few written sentences to create context.

Send personalized emails to your database with a teaser urging recipients to click on the link. The teaser text will create context, as will posts you place in LinkedIn, Facebook, and the 140 characters of Twitter, all of which should include a link to your video. The more analytical you can get, the better. Know who opened the email, who clicked on the link, who liked the Facebook post and who shared your tweet.

It’s a constant process of messaging and measuring that will bring you closer and closer to the results you seek.


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