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The “Big” in Big Data for Investor Relations

1 year ago

jeff headshot updatedThe longer I do this, the more I have to acknowledge that there are levels of understanding.

You can’t just jump into social media and get it right away.  You have to reflect, and plan, and strategize – in short, you need experience.

We hear a lot about “big data” these days, and what it means for different industries.  It clearly has great impact in medicine, for instance, where rapid diagnoses can be made and research can happen on a level previously unimaginable.  The same is true of the iterative processes involved in manufacturing.

In Investor Relations the big data revolution manifests itself in how we can now pinpoint with untold accuracy our understanding of markets and audiences, and particularly how stakeholders line up for us through the rapid aggregation of their daily activities in social media.   If you are a reader of this blog, you have heard more than once by now about audience building and how stakeholder buzz breaks ground for investor activity.

Your understanding and call to action will naturally ratchet up when you take into account what PCG Advisory partner Peter Taylor of OneQube means when he says “organic traffic is a moving target.”

It’s a new world if you know how to live in it.


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