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23 Feb

Seeing is Believing: the Value of Video

Studies show that posting videos increases engagement by 100%, and that after watching a video, consumers are 85% more likely to make a purchase. The source for these details is Kara Alaimo’s learned treatise on global public relations, “Pitch, Tweet or Engage on the Street,” which devotes large segments...

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9 Feb

How to Use Social Media to Reach Investors

This is the title of a 20-minute webinar I was pleased to give last week to an audience assembled by OTC Markets. If you missed it, you can register to play it back by clicking here. It’s what I call an encyclopedic overview with a special focus. The special...

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19 Jan

Two Words – Radically Connected

Radical connection is the integration of people, places, things, and technology that we experience today.  Different people and different companies experience it in different ways but everyone is in it and everyone is affected by it.  It would be wrong to think of it as a stadium in which...

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10 Jan

On Changing the Way We Buy

In the news and across trading floors the buzz is all about both high retail performance and revenue falloff at traditional department stores. Jeff Bezos named his company Amazon because he envisioned it like the great river down which one day everything would flow.  That day got a little...

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3 Jan

Don’t Be Digitally Dysfunctional

To be dysfunctional, psychologists tell us, is not to do nothing, but to do things in such a way that they have negative impact. At this point, when regulatory advances in the investor world are beginning to catch up with the potential of social media, it would be a...

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15 Dec

Reg A+, Crowdfunding, and the New World of Investing

I have always liked the word “confluence” but now I like it even better. Confluence means the process of merging or coming together, as in the juncture where rivers meet. There’s no better word to describe what’s finally coming together through social media for investor relations, for small cap...

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8 Dec

Biotech Small Caps and Wall Street’s DNA

At PCG Advisory, we do work for a wide range of clients. Our concentration in the biotech sector illustrates how including in the mix the disciplined use of social media reminds us of the original purpose of investing – to help bring to market practical solutions that people need....

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6 Dec

The “Big” in Big Data for Investor Relations

The longer I do this, the more I have to acknowledge that there are levels of understanding. You can’t just jump into social media and get it right away.  You have to reflect, and plan, and strategize – in short, you need experience. We hear a lot about “big...

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1 Dec

Digital Assets: The Proactive Approach

The technical definition of a digital asset refers to content stored in digital form.  While online text, images, and video do certainly come into play, we have a broader idea.  We urge those organizations and individuals interested in taking The Proactive Approach to seriously consider their entire digital presence...

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21 Nov

Stakeholder Anatomy: a Medical Illustration

Medicine offers the most dramatic example of the stakeholder role.  Take the mission of the American Heart Association expressed through the content of its website,, an early guide to the stricken, their loved ones, the wary, and the practical.  The fact is that everyone feels at risk for a...

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