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Arkados Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a global provider of scalable and interoperable Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that help customers increase efficiency and reduce cost.  Our cutting-edge solutions, focused on industrial automation and energy management, are comprised of our software and hardware platforms that are essentially the “building blocks” that enable the machine-to-machine communication necessary for various Smart Machines, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Building and Smart City applications.

Our approach is scalable, collaborative, and efficient. We use our software and hardware platforms to assist companies in making their machines more efficient.  By utilizing full-featured, industrial grade and standards compliant internet gateways, sensors and other peripherals along with robust cloud and data analysis capabilities, we are able to implement various types of smart solutions for machines, buildings and cities. Additionally, our services group works with customers to design and implement the most energy- and cost-efficient solutions in the areas of lighting, boiler and combined heat and power systems,  and industrial machinery.

We bring great value to our customer by taking a holistic approach to solving efficiency and cost issues and are able to deliver solutions that are easy to implement, manage and seamlessly integrate into virtually any existing system.

Arkados’ core strengths lie in our world-class expertise in software design and system integration, our experienced management team, our strong intellectual property portfolio, our flexible, scalable approach, our multi-national partnerships, our direct access to top-tier customers, as well as valuable channel and OEM partners, and unwavering commitment to collaboration and to doing more with less.

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