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Watson Innovation and Technology believes, in the world of entrepreneurship and finances, that everybody can come out winners. We take pride in partnering with early stage companies and introducing them to our “path of accuracy” model, which best positions companies to be disruptive in an existing


This mission of Digital Arts Media Network, Inc. is two-fold:
* We give startups everything they need to succeed–money, mentors, and meeting.
* What if you could have invested in Sphero, SnapChat, or Uber? What if everyone had the opportunity to invest in the next great startup. We make that happen for you.


One-third of U.S. the startups that successfully raised Series A capital, went through a basic accelerator program while the largest majority of the general public, had no access to an AirBnB, Droppbox, or Reddit when it was actually an affordable start-up venture. Using the PAI program, Digital Arts Media Network gives the everyday investor an inside track on these opportunities.

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