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Ibinex has been incorporated since 2014. We have some entities registered globally and are consistently expanding our corporate reach to be able to help manage our growing client base. We started out by seeking out an easy way to provide Bitcoin liquidity to the growing marketplace. We realized early on what the benefits of cryptocurrencies would be in the global marketplace and subsequently, what the advantages of trading cryptos would be for the mass market. Through our journey, we’ve experienced many different issues around providing a secure and stable means to provide trading to retail clients. We’ve seen the problems with partnering with the wrong 3rd party providers and how some institutions do not have the ability to sustain and grow in today’s space. Ibinex has been able to withstand the test of time and provide a suite of crypto products, from client interfaces and admin back end, to mobile apps and wallets, to OTC and liquidity solutions for delivery and leveraged trading.

Ibinex provides custom technology development and professional services, for new start ups and existing organizations within the financial markets. Our range of services includes the web, mobile, and network configurations. Ibinex can provide clients a stand alone Crypto Wallet for Mobile, which they can brand and offer to customers through Google Play and Apple apps – providing additional layers of branding and revenue. Ibinex custom reporting can be utilized for specific needs and customized to integrate with 3rd party services (for regulatory and compliance purposes).

Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dash and a range of ICO currencies on tap. We provide both user platform interfaces and API based trading & liquidity solutions. Our cryptocurrency list currently includes modern coins (BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC); and can add or make a market for a range of others. We support multiple API connections and can connect with most mainstream FX platforms for retail spot and institutional trading. Our white label costs and fees are variable, based on the needs of the clients.

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