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IsoRay Medical™ utilizes proprietary technologies to deliver novel brachytherapy approaches to clinicians. IsoRay’s Cesium-131 isotope has been used as primary treatment for prostate cancer in over 7,000 patients. As adjuvant radiation therapy, Cesium-131 is being employed in the management of non-small cell lung cancer, intra-cranial tumors (including meningiomas), and head & neck malignancies post-surgical resection.

Additionally, Cesium-131 is currently being used as monotherapy in the management of gynecologic recurrences and ocular melanomas Customized strands, meshes, and applicators are available bearing Cesium-131 sources, and the recently reintroduced GliaSite Radiation Therapy System is available for brachytherapy of the resection bed following surgical removal of gliomas and brain metastases.

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