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Leveraging innovative patent-pending stem cell technology, NuGene is changing the face of anti-aging skincare as the world knows it. This groundbreaking collection of clinically proven anti-aging skincare products utilizes stem cell technology—one of modern science’s most remarkable achievements—in a way no other skincare brand ever has. The result? Superior formulations that foster younger-looking skin in a way no other skincare brand can.

Chief Designer, Brand Ambassador, Shareholder & Investor Kathy Ireland

While we all fondly remember Kathy Ireland as the supermodel that graced the most iconic and best selling sports illustrated ever, over the next 30 years she would quietly build a mega-business (kathy ireland Worldwide®) that by many reports sells an astounding $2+ billion worth of licensed products at retail annually. This incredible feat has made her a more impressive brand than Martha Stewart.

Today, Kathy Ireland is celebrated as a mega-brand in large part due to her unwavering commitment to finding cost effective solutions for busy moms and women everywhere. It is for this reason combined with Kathy’s love for our skincare line that brought Kathy Ireland and Nugene together.

Leading the way as our Chief Designer, Kathy Ireland uses a discerning eye and keen sense to ensure that NuGene’s skincare and haircare products are worthy of sharing her unparalleled brand distinction.

We are proud to welcome Kathy Ireland and her team to the NuGene family.

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