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PixarBio will lead the Non-Opiate Revolution around Non-Addictive Pain treatments.

NeuroRelease FDA approval is expected in 2018, mitigates sensory (pain) signaling without effecting locomotion (moving) signals and we have the potential to replace morphine in the clinic.

  • To defeat Rebound Pain over 40 surgical procedures require 14 days of post-op pain treatment
  • 100% of surgeons prefer non addictive pain treatments over morphine
  • Over 90% of patients prefer non-addictive post op pain treatment over morphine

NeuroRelease is expected to receive FDA approval for post-op pain in 2018, and with our growing team of industry experts NeuroRelease will create a new clinical franchise in medicine around NeuroRelease’s pain product pipeline.

More importantly, we’ll change the way medicine is delivered throughout the world.

Lead pain treatments will last up to 14 days, 7 days, 90 days, for the clinic and 4-8 hours for dentistry.

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