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or the most part, power technologies are well known and widely available.  The Company is “technology agnostic”, meaning that it owns, licenses, or otherwise applies different technologies which can be applied to its energy projects.  The Company selects the right technology or technologies for each project, while maintaining a constant focus on both cost effectiveness for the client and financial returns to the Company. To enhance its competitive position, however, the Company focuses on obtaining exclusive market positions and on building its technological strengths – such as by patenting its own developments, which will help PwrCor expand its revenue base, and by exploiting new energy technologies.
In this regard, PwrCor principals control a proprietary technology which fills a void in the marketplace.  This technology, like many others, can convert heat to power.  However, it does so with lower grade heat and with far less thermal inflow than any technology on the market.  As a result, it opens up a large market opportunity that has been inaccessible and thus untapped – applications where geothermal or waste heat is adequate for this technology but not for others.  In such cases, the market tends not to be as cost-conscious as in more competitive applications. In effect, by being able to operate economically using temperatures and flows that competitive technologies cannot capitalize on, the technology PwrCor controls is creating an entirely new geothermal energy market.   It is making possible what has been impossible. This proven technology is the result of 10 years of R&D.  Branded by PwrCor, Inc as PwrCor™, the technology operates on thermal hydraulic principles, in contrast to the thermal pneumatic principles employed by steam (Rankine cycle) engines and their cousins, the organic Rankine cycle (ORC) technologies.  The PwrCor™ technology uses the physical expansion of fluids under heat to drive a piston. The PwrCor™ technology, depicted here, has very low or no fuel costs, has no internal fuel combustion, produces no pollution, operates silently.

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