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TherapeuticsMD goal is to become the recommended women’s healthcare company by health care providers to all patients by developing into a new standard with a complete line of products under one quality brand. Key elements of the TherapeuticsMD strategy to achieve this goal are as follows:

Exclusive Focus on Women’s Health Issues. We plan to focus exclusively on women’s health issues to enable us to build long-term relationships with women as they move through their life cycles of birth control, pregnancy, child birth, and pre and post menopause.

Focus on Hormone Replacement Products. We plan to focus our efforts on development, clinical trials, and commercialization of as many as four hormone replacement products designed to alleviate the symptoms of and reduce the health effects resulting from menopause-related hormone deficiencies, including hot flashes, osteoporosis, vaginal dryness, and provide equivalent efficiency at lower doses, enabling enhanced side effect profile compared with competing products.

Marketing Emphasis. We plan to maintain an emphasis on large group OB/GYN practices that provide opportunities to large patient bases and that are receptive to the data and savings we provide that facilitate them in negotiating contracts with payors.

Multiple Distribution Channel. We are pursuing multiple distribution channels, including physicians and pharmacies through our sales force, and the internet.

Introducing New Products. We are introducing new products to build upon the introduction of our first three vitaMedMD prescription products and our Prena1 generic line of prenatal vitamins in 2012, as well as our proposed hormone replacement products.


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