ICOx Innovations Chairman and Co-Founder Cam Chell Featured on Yahoo Finance

3 years ago

Thought leader weighs in on the recent Facebook announcement and How ICOx Innovations Builds Digital Currencies for Fortune 5000 companies

Los Angeles, June 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ICOx Innovations Inc. (“ICOx”)(TSXV and OTCQB: ICOX), which designs, builds and manages digital currencies so organizations can grow their businesses by attracting, engaging and retaining customers through the creation of their own digital currency, announced that Chairman and Co-Founder Cameron Chell was featured on Yahoo Finance to weigh in on the recent announcement that Facebook would be launching its own digital currency.

The segment on Yahoo Finance focused on Project Libra, Facebook’s Global Coin payment platform which was formally announced by the company. Investment analysts from RBC Global Markets this week referred to it as a “historic initiative”. Barclays analysts have suggested this could be a $19B boost for Facebook’s annual revenues by 2021.

“At ICOx, we build digital currencies for Fortune 5,000 companies that aren't going to go and build digital currencies for themselves. Cryptocurrency is a highly regulated market and it’s a complicated process to integrate a cryptocurrency project with the federally-regulated banking system, acquire all of the requisite money transmitter licenses, and then build it on a blockchain infrastructure. However the resulting data, cost savings and service you can provide your customers is monumental. Now you take that and you multiply that across a couple billion users that Facebook has, this is more than just a trend. This is a seminal moment in the blockchain space.” said Cameron Chell.

ICOx Innovations is an experienced partner developing branded digital currency ecosystems for brands like KODAKOne, the Catholic economy and large online marketplaces under-served by the payment giants.

“As a public company ourselves, we know this is critical for brand adoption. But the best part is we are launching these digital currencies to deliver brands lower transaction costs, deeper ownership of their customer transactional data and new data and tools to introduce powerful new loyalty and rewards programs.” said Bruce Elliott, President ICOx Innovations.

To watch Cam Chell’s full segment on Yahoo Finance follow this link.

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