PCG research



PCG Research is a division of PCG Advisory, Inc., a NYC-based full-service investor relations and digital strategies firm offering, issuer-sponsored research. PCG Research leverages PCG Advisory’s well-established history and expertise to provide strategic distribution for micro and small-cap companies that represent compelling growth opportunities but have little or no analyst coverage.

The sponsored research platform was established to address the growing need for high quality equity research and strategic distribution of a company’s message to the Wall Street investor community. In today’s highly competitive markets, micro and small-cap companies are seeing an overall decline in research coverage and visibility in the capital markets. This platform was established to address that decline because we strongly believe that these companies can benefit greatly from an objective, fact-based analysis, strategically distributed to the investment community.

While each research report is client-customized, the objectives of our sponsored equity coverage are to:

  • Identify and articulate a company’s performance strengths, assets and growth drivers
  • Raise awareness amongst retail and institutional investors
  • Expand and diversify a company’s shareholder base
  • Generate introductions and possibly one-on-one meetings between investors and client management


PCG brings together a methodology, due diligence approach, and strategic insight from Wall Street veterans with a diverse set of skills from all facets of the financial markets. Our equity research is distinguishable through these key features:

Comprehensive & In-Depth Analysis – we have a unique understanding of capital markets formed from extensive experience investing in and advising micro and small-cap public companies. We have analyzed companies in a wide array of industries, including but not limited to life sciences, technology, cannabis, energy, clean-tech and consumer retail.

Due Diligence – we apply multiple methodologies in our due diligence process from financial to legal. Our team meets/speaks with management multiple times prior to publication of reports to ensure that the correct company message is being conveyed to the investor community.

Report Distribution – PCG Research utilizes targeted distribution channels as well as social media and private distribution relationships to ensure that our clients’ stories reach the right investors. To maximize the visibility and effectiveness of our distribution, we utilize media and graphic-rich presentations in our reports, which we have found leads to higher open rates for a given report as well as higher levels of invest or engagement.

Video Production: Management Interviews / Highlight Clips – PCG has robust production resources at its NYC offices and offers several types of video services to further enhance and showcase the companies in our coverage universe. Videos can be as straightforward as informational company management interviews with management or more enhanced pieces detailing key facets of the subject company. The video segments can stand independently or can be packaged together with an equity research report.


The equity research team comprised of CFA analysts is led by our CEO Jeff Ramson, founder of PCG Advisory and a career veteran in the capital markets. Jeff and the entire team at PCG have an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of Wall Street and the expertise to make that knowledge work for main street companies.

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