Mechanical Technology, Incorporated Reports Record 2020 Revenue and Full Year Results

3 weeks ago

Reports Highest Revenue in 9 Years and 500% Annual Increase in Net Income

ALBANY, N.Y.March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Mechanical Technology, Incorporated ("MTI" or the "Company"), (NASDAQ: MKTY), the parent company of MTI Instruments, Inc. ("MTI Instruments"), a test and measurement instruments and systems business and EcoChain, Inc. ("EcoChain"), a cryptocurrency mining business powered by renewable energy, announced today its fiscal year end 2020 financial results.


For the fiscal year ended 2020, net income was $1.9 million, which represents a year over year increase of approximately 500% over 2019. Product revenue for the year ended 2020 was $9.0 million, an increase of 37% over 2019, with corresponding product margins increasing by $2.0 million.

A key reason for the increase in our financial performance was the successful delivery, by our MTI Instrument subsidiary, of 52 new PBS-4100+ engine vibration balancing systems and associated accessories, pursuant to a contract with the United States Airforce. This increase in revenue combined with an improvement in product margin of 589 basis points contributed to our increase in operating income. The improvement in basis points was primarily driven by cost savings in materials purchases due to volume and leveraging the existing cost structure.

Revenues generated by our EcoChain subsidiary, with the addition of our cryptocurrency mining business in 2020, contributed favorably to our healthier financial performance for the year ended 2020. During the fourth quarter of 2020, EcoChain generated revenues of $369 thousand, which represented an increase of 109% over revenues generated in the third quarter of 2020 and totaled $595 thousand for the year ended December 31, 2020. Our TNT site generated margins of $190 thousand on those revenues for the year ended December 31, 2020. During 2021, we expect to generate positive margins from our TNT mining operation.

Michael Toporek, CEO of MTI stated, "We are extremely pleased with our record results, especially the approximate 500% increase in profitability. With our growth strategy clearly gaining momentum, we are particularly pleased with our recent uplisting to The Nasdaq Capital Market. The power cost of EcoChain's new data center in the Southeastern United States is exciting as it provides for maximum flexibility to potentially optimize the Company's return on invested capital."

MTI's Chief Financial Officer, Jessica Thomas commented, "The year ending 2020 was a historic year for the Company, highlighted by a product revenue increase of 37% over the prior year and margin improvements that allowed the Company to realize greater profitability. In addition, the TNT mine's fourth quarter operating results led to the mine being profitable for 2020. Our financial results for 2020 set a record performance for about the past decade for both revenue and net income. Our cash position remains strong at $2.6 million, in addition to untapped credit facilities in 2020. Further, we were able to leverage existing general and administrative functions to support the EcoChain line of business."

Moshe Binyamin, President of MTI Instruments stated, "COVID-19 certainly presented a number of business and operational challenges for us. While we did see an 11% decline in our non-PBS product lines compared to 2019, we were able to offset that from increases in revenues generated from our military and freight aviation PBS customers. I am certainly pleased with our overall revenue results and particularly proud of our production and fulfilments teams' performance. They did an extraordinary job adapting quickly to the new operating environment, working tirelessly in multiple shifts to meet customer expectations, while following social distancing guidelines and keeping each other safe. It is a testament to our hard work and agility that helped us achieve these record results. Notwithstanding the challenges presented by the COIVD-19 pandemic, we were still able to rapidly improve our on-line content and outreach. As a result, we now have a richer on-line presence and ability to engage with customers and prospects in any manner they see fit."

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About MTI

MTI is the parent company of MTI Instruments, Inc. and EcoChain, Inc. Through MTI Instruments, MTI is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of test and measurement instruments and systems that use a comprehensive array of technologies to solve complex, real world applications in numerous industries, including manufacturing, electronics, semiconductor, solar, commercial and military aviation, automotive and data storage. Through EcoChain, MTI is developing cryptocurrency mining facilities powered by renewable energy that integrate with the blockchain network. For more information about MTI, please visit

Forward Looking Statement

This communication contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements reflect management's current expectations, as of the date of this communication, and involve certain risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements include statements herein with respect to the successful execution of the Company's business strategy. The Company's actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements as a result of various factors. Such risks and uncertainties include, among other things, our ability to establish and maintain the proprietary nature of our technology through the patent process, as well as our ability to possibly license from others patents and patent applications necessary to develop products; the availability of financing; the Company's ability to implement its long range business plan for various applications of its technology; the Company's ability to enter into agreements with any necessary partners; the impact of competition, the obtaining and maintenance of any necessary regulatory clearances applicable to applications of the Company's technology; and management of growth and other risks and uncertainties that may be detailed from time to time in the Company's reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Mechanical Technology, Incorporated and Subsidiaries
Consolidated Balance Sheets
As of December 31, 2020 and December 31, 2019
(Dollars in thousands, except per share) December 31, December 31,
2020 2019
Current Assets:
Cash $ 2,630 $ 2,510
Accounts receivable – less allowances of $0 in 2020 and 2019 975 745
Inventories 828 924
Prepaid expenses and other current assets 346 56
Total Current Assets 4,779 4,235
Other assets 309
Deferred income taxes, net 759 395
Equity investment 750
Property, plant and equipment, net 847 174
Operating lease right-of-use assets 1,203 947
Total Assets $ 8,647 $ 5,751
Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity
Current Liabilities:
Accounts payable $ 300 $ 210
Accrued liabilities 1,019 761
Operating lease liability 316 171
Income taxes payable 2 ––
Total Current Liabilities 1,637 1,142
Other liabilities 203
Operating lease liability 891 776
Total Liabilities 2,731 1,918
Commitments and Contingencies (Note 12)
Stockholders' Equity:
Common stock, par value $0.01 per share, authorized 75,000,000; 10,750,100 issued in 2020 and 10,586,170 issued in 2019 108 106
Additional paid-in capital 137,365 137,230
Accumulated deficit (117,793) (119,739)
Common stock in treasury, at cost, 1,015,493 shares in both 2020 and 2019 (13,764) (13,764)
Total Stockholders' Equity 5,916 3,833
Total Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity $ 8,647 $ 5,751
Mechanical Technology, Incorporated and Subsidiaries
Consolidated Statements of Operations
For the Years Ended December 31, 2020 and 2019
(Dollars in thousands, except per share) Years Ended
December 31,
2020 2019
Product revenue $ 9,004 $ 6,571
Cryptocurrency revenue 595
Total revenue 9,599 6,571
Operating costs and expenses:
Cost of product revenue 2,669 2,205
Cost of cryptocurrency revenue 405
Research and product development expenses 1,491 1,381
Selling, general and administrative expenses 3,584 2,726
Operating income 1,450 259
Other income, net 104 36
Income before income taxes 1,554 295
Income tax benefit 392 28
Net income $ 1,946 $ 323
Net income per share (Basic) $ .20 $ .03
Net income per share (Diluted) $ .20 $ .03
Weighted average shares outstanding (Basic) 9,581,886 9,548,460
Weighted average shares outstanding (Diluted) 9,634,503 9,602,548
Mechanical Technology, Incorporated and Subsidiaries
Consolidated Statements of Changes in Equity
For the Years Ended December 31, 2020 and 2019
(Dollars in thousands, except per share) Common Stock Treasury Stock
Shares Amount Additional Paid- in Capital Accumulated Deficit Shares Amount Total Stockholders' Equity
January 1, 2019 10,452,670 $ 105 $ 139,067 $ (118,462) 1,015,493 $ (13,764) $ 6,946
Net income 323 323
Stock based compensation 31 31
Issuance of shares – option exercises 133,500 1 73 74
Cash dividends (1,941) (1,600) (3,541)
December 31, 2019 10,586,170 $ 106 $ 137,230 $ (119,739) 1,015,493 $ (13,764) $ 3,833
Net income 1,946 1,946
Stock based compensation 54 54
Issuance of shares – option exercises 83,000 1 82 83
Issuance of shares – restricted stock 80,930 1 (1)
December 31, 2020 10,750,100 $ 108 $ 137,365 $ (117,793) 1,015,493 $ (13,764) $ 5,916
Mechanical Technology, Incorporated and Subsidiaries
Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows
For the Years Ended December 31, 2020 and 2019
(Dollars in thousands) Year Ended December 31,
2020 2019
Operating Activities
Net income $ 1,946 $ 323
Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operating activities:
Depreciation 159 87
Provision for bad debts –– 1
Deferred income taxes (364)
Stock based compensation 54 31
Provision (recovery) for excess and obsolete inventories (3) 33
Loss on disposal of equipment 3 3
Changes in operating assets and liabilities:
Accounts receivable (230) 125
Inventories 99 (94)
Prepaid expenses and other current assets (290) 1
Other long-term assets (309) ––
Accounts payable 90 9
Operating lease, net 4 ––
Income taxes and uncertain tax positions 2 ––
Other long-term liabilities 203 ––
Accrued liabilities 258 (230)
Net cash provided by operating activities 1,622 289
Investing Activities
Purchases of equipment (835) (83)
Purchase of stock in equity investment (750) ––
Net cash used in investing activities (1,585) (83)
Financing Activities
Cash dividends on common stock –– (3,541)
Proceeds from stock option exercises 83 74
Net cash provided by (used in) financing activities 83 (3,467)
Increase (decrease) in cash 120 (3,261)
Cash – beginning of period 2,510 5,771
Cash – end of period $ 2,630 $ 2,510