Soligenix: Developing Tools to Tackle the Next Potential Pandemic; PCG Digital Biotech Watch Review

NEW YORKAug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Vaccines are known for the stringent cold chain storage requirements necessary to maintain their integrity. In the U.S., maintaining refrigerated or frozen conditions is a simple logistical hurdle. In developing nations, however, vaccine storage is a considerable challenge for the nearly three billion people who live in regions lacking temperature-controlled storage. As new vaccines are engineered, the development of thermally stable vaccines has lagged.

Late-stage biopharmaceutical company, Soligenix (Nasdaq:SNGX), has shared preclinical data demonstrating that its thermostable vaccine platform may be an important contributor to addressing the next potential pandemic and future health emergencies.

Key findings include:

  • Demonstrated successful formulation and heat stabilization of filovirus vaccine platform published in Vaccine
  • Efficacy of thermostabilized vaccine formulations in NHPs in single-vial presentation
  • Demonstrated feasibility of rapid and efficient manufacturing.

Preparing for future health emergencies

In July, concerns over the next potential pandemic saw Dr. Anthony Fauci push a multi-billion dollar plan to develop “prototype” vaccines against different virus threats including Sudan ebolavirus.

Soligenix collaborators at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa (UHM) are working with thermostabilized vaccine candidates protecting against three life-threatening filoviruses, including Sudan ebolavirus. Their formulations have demonstrated potent immune responses in NHPsFiloviruses are endemic in areas of the world with uncertain power supply, making a thermostable vaccine particularly valuable to address emerging outbreaks.

Translating into broadly applicable platform

Soligenix’s filovirus program has demonstrated its compatibility with thermostabilization, and the identification of key stability indicating assays – both hallmarks of a broadly applicable vaccine platform. Using this platform, the company will accelerate its joint COVID-19 vaccine effort, with the development of CiVax™, a heat stable COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

Sufficient capital to achieve pipeline goals

Soligenix is in a comfortable position to pursue its strategic goals. As of June 30 2021, the Company reported a cash position of approximately $29 million, providing sufficient capital to achieve multiple inflection points as it advances its rare disease pipeline and evaluates partnership and M&A opportunities into 2022.

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