Kerry Corbit

President, PCG Digital

Kerry oversees PCG Digital, a division of PCG Advisory that focuses on multimedia, investor-focused marketing. She also serves as Producer of PCG Productions. Armed with a keen flair for creating engaging content, she loves crafting digital campaigns that combine visual and textual assets to build awareness of each company’s unique value proposition.  Kerry joined PCG from Red Venom, a multimedia production company focused on branding, digital marketing and video production. With a 12-year history of investing in and providing services to emerging companies, Kerry appreciates the pride that comes with ownership and innovation. Among her professional accomplishments is developing two successful entrepreneurial businesses with two exits — one of them for a cosmetics company and the other for a lifestyle management and brand company.  Among her projects: coordinating product launch events for international luxury brands, creating marketing campaigns for beauty and fashion brands, and coordinating strategic influencer programs.  Kerry is happy to be working with innovative companies and crafting campaigns designed to reach stakeholder and shareholder audiences far and wide.